Trend analysis is a technique that attempts to predict the future, by analysing the past. We let you monitor relevant websites and take snapshot of trending topics. This information is then presented on a timeline showing how topics evolve over time.

  • Regular automated workflow to crawl the internet for trending words or concepts.
  • Present results on a timeline to visualize change over time

Use cases

OSAC: Strategic Dimensions for Portfolio Scoring


  • Center Investments in a live dashboard selectable by funding, PI, Location, Beat, etc.
  • Parking Lot Analysis
  • Intuitive Dashboard


  • Saved over 400 hours of the center investment manager and engineering support’s time
  • Converted from over 35 PowerPoint slides and Excel into a live dashboard

Research Support for ACO –Technology Forecasting “Topic Mapping”

3000 pages of research from 20+ years were “read” and analyzed to support development of a roadmap for wireless sensor technology in space.


  • All research in a live dashboard selectable by author, location, technology, etc.
  • Each paragraph in the research documents is analyzed and scored

FedEx Survey Analytics – Demo Project for Survey Verbatims

Built classifiers from 552 verbatims demonstrating ability to create agents, show coverage of dataset, drill down to each verbatim and classifier analytics