Use Cases

Dream Analytics – Psycometric Agents for Startup

Classifiers built to academic standard framework for psychological analysis of dream database with over 400,000 narratives. Project completed in 6 weeks from initial inquiry to support fundraising.

Quality Analytics – Problem: Old Classifiers

Non-Conforming Record (NCR) codes were defined years ago and now some codes have 1000’s of entries per month hampering corrective action.

There are over 250,000 NCRs in a SQL database that include narrative text fields with valuable corrective action information not identified by feature codes.

NCR records must be searched and analyzed by keyword and/or analyzed with an expensive entity analytics application, both of which are inefficient and not scalable processes.

BrainDocs™ application was configured with data from the QA Team. then processed by BrainDocs™ and displayed in the Tableau application for evaluation.

A total of over 1.5 million data points were scored with 30 agents that were trained for the dataset

Building classifiers from Assembly Manuals and mining free text buried in 250,000 records provided the visibility to the problems and accelerated the feedback to the plant floor

Boulder Earnings Call Analytics – Analytics on the Earnings Call Q&A

Boulder Earnings Call Analytics (BECT):

BECT is complete break down of Earnings Calls. Each call, analyst, company executive, question, and answer are ranked by theme, topic, sentiment and difficulty to help you spot any changes that will affect the market and your portfolio. The Earnings call tracker will alert you to monumental shifts, and urgent information so you can direct your attention accordingly.